Certified CMT Esalen - over 35 years exp - TMJ Migraine and much more! Open every day 9-8 - (Southfield)

Posted on: 02/24/18


Get the work you have always wanted from a therapist. You will feel like a new person! Refreshed rejuvenated & revitalized. My philosophy is you dont have to hurt people to help them! In Call only! Uber to me! Office hours 9-8 everyday! I am a certified professional massage therapist- CMT Trained at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California with over 35 years experience & skilled in many modalities I work with athletes mostly & those who compete & do marathons, triathalons & biathalons. I work with professional & semi professional golfers, tennis players, football players, swimmers, dancers, baseball players & musicians. If you have old or new injuries I can help you to feel at least 50% better on the first appointment. I do permanent injury correction! My specialty is sciatic nerve pain - re-balancing and correction completely! Correction of TMJ & Migraine relief! Get your strength, stamina & power back to compete. My work is gentle,effective & respectful. Full Body Massage - $85/1 hr Pregnancy Massage - $85/hr Injury Correction - Guaranteed for injuries old or new $85/hour TMJ & Migraine Relief - $85/hour Cranio-Sacral Work - $85/hour Sciatic Nerve Relief - $85/hour Reconnective Healing session - 60 min $85 The Reconnection Healing is incredible creating perfect harmonic balance for your whole being! www.thereconnection.com Cranio Sacral work & injury correction are included in each session. Dyslexic Correction - 3 treatments for $495 Complete Correction Guaranteed! I also teach Massage - $150/hour for Individual- Couples $200/hour Office Hours 9-8 every day! E-mail is fastest to make an appointment! Everything is private & strictly confidential. Please no sexual requests.

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